The Story behind the Helmet: Marino Sato

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Have you ever wondered about the philosophy behind a driver’s helmet? How did they decide on the colours, the design, the theme? We will let you discover each driver’s helmet. This time it’s all about that of Formula 3 driver Marino Sato.

Welcome to Japan’s pink and modern world of cherry blossoms: Marino Sato sports a marvellous helmet design. Eye-catcher of his head gear is the iconic sakura, the unofficial national flower of his home country Japan.

Marino, who is from Yokohama, is proud to be Japanese – and he likes to show it, including with his helmet. “The Japanese symbolic national flower Sakura is the heart of my helmet design,” said Marino who races his rookie season in the FIA Formula 3 European championship. With 125 points in the rookie championship Marino is currently on position 5.

The Sakura has been part of Marino’s helmets for quite a bit. “Basically I always use the same design, but every season I make a small change.” He owns two helmets. They differ just slightly. “Since the helmet has to be made of carbon it is quite expensive. That’s why I only use two helmets in this season. But they are the latest model of Arai helmet which is the most famous Japanese helmet manufacture.”

The company WoodEye is one of Marino’s main sponsors. He said: “That’s why they are responsible for the design. They understand my spirit of racing: It is the WILL to WIN.”

Marino Sato started his career in go-karting back in 2016. Having won championships in the Asian go-karting scene he made the transition to European karting in 2013 and took the next step in 2015 and entered the Italian Formula 4 championship. In 2017, he chose the Oschersleben-based Team Motopark to pursue his dream to become a professional racing driver in Europe.