The Story Behind the Helmet: Leonard Hoogenboom

ADAC Formula 4 - Newsletter -

Have you ever wondered about the philosophy behind a driver’s helmet? How did they decide on the colours, the design, the theme? We will let you discover each driver’s helmet. This time it’s all about that of ADAC Formula 4 driver Leonard Hoogenboom.

A helmet is one of the most crucial pieces of safety gear for many athletes. Leonard Hoogenboom from the Netherlands owns not only a very safe but also a unique one.

It shines and it sparkles – and it’s very Dutch: Leonard is proud to be from the Netherlands – and he likes to show it, including with his helmet.
Long before other Dutch drivers discovered the colour Orange for their lids, Leonard Hoogenboom did. "In Holland I was the first driver who wore an orange helmet," he says. "Then, all the others started to wear orange helmets, too.” A special detail is the orange wing in the back of it.

Oranje voor fans: around the world, the Netherlands are closely identified with orange, of all colors. They wear it on days of national pride, and their sports teams' uniforms are almost all a bright orange hue. But why? Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family, which hails from the House of Orange.

Leonard loves the bright colours as they make sure that fans can easily recognize him on the race track. "Yellow, orange and blue are my favourite colours", says the 17-year-old. "And it looks really good in the black Motopark car."

Leonard started karting when he was about six years old. From his very first seat time in a pedal kart he showed a passion for speed. The design of his helmet didn’t change for the past seven years. Leonard Hoogenboom had already joined Team Motopark in the Formula 4 championship of the United Arab Emirates. The Dutchman previously completed a season in the Italian Formula 4 and the ADAC Formula 4 last year.