Keyvan Andres: "I cannot wait for Macau"

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17-year-old Keyvan Andres takes part with Team Motopark in the FIA ​​Formula 3 European Championship in 2017. In this interview he speaks about idols, his inspiration and what he loves about racing.

Motopark: Hi Keyvan, where do you actually live?
Keyvan Andres: I come from Cologne, Germany and I currently live in Florida.

You moved to the States to pursue your racing career. How did this decision influence your life?
It influenced my life quite a bit to be honest. The states are completely different from Europe but I love it. I finished school back here, spending my last four years in an American school. I enjoyed the experience.

What inspires you?

Tell us about your first time on a race track...
I was very excited and could not stop driving. As soon as we came in the pits to refuel, change tires etc... I couldn't wait to go back out.

Who is your personal hero and why?
I have a few. My dad is one of them. The journey he has been on up to this point and to be where he is right now, it amazes me.

You grew up in France. And French is your favourite language. Do you have some really French habits?
I have some tendencies but no really french habits.

You step outside and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?
Buy a house in Beverly Hills, accompanied by a gorgeous car line up.

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?
To go fast and what to do to be quicker.

What things do your really NOT like to do?
I hate to be lazy, my body actually starts to hurt if I don't move enough. I hate running but I'm forced to do it.

What's your favourite song and why?
I don't have a particular one, but I like songs that get me pumped up.

If you don't make it to F1, what is your backup plan?
To become a successful business man.

How important is the right food for a racing driver?
Very. Specially for heavier drivers like me, we need to stay on top of our diets.

What is your diet like at the moment?
I try to minimize my carbs intake, except during a race weekend because I need the energy.

Are you looking forward to a special race track?
Yes, I cannot wait for Macau.

Why did you choose Team Motopark?
As soon as I started testing with Team Motopark, I felt good about them. The chemistry was the best so far in my racing career.

About Keyvan Andres:

17-year-old Keyvan Andres takes part with Team Motopark in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in 2017. The German-born driver moved to the U.S. from France in 2013 to pursue his racing career. Keyvan and his father live in Naples, Florida, since in the States one can get a license to race as young as 13 years old. Keyvan won the 2013/14 Skip Barber Winter Series and went on to compete in the USF2000 Series in 2014 and 2015 before making the move to Europe in 2016 to further his career. He speaks fluently French, English, Persian and German.