David Malukas: “I love maths”

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For 15-year-old David Malukas from Burr Ridge near Chicago, it’s his first season in a Formula series. The American who speaks both Lithuanian and English has been living in Europe for the past three years to pursue his racing career. In our interview, he speaks about his other hobbies.

Team Motopark: Hi David, it’s your first year racing cars. What’s the biggest difference to go-karting?
David Malukas: It’s definitely the way you break. In go-karts you have to break carefully. Here, you have to smack it. And in go-karts there is no clutch.

Team Motopark: What do you find so fascinating about racing?
David Malukas: I chose racing because it’s something that I always loved, I get excited. I did a lot of other sports and they are fun - but it’s not that intense.

Team Motopark: What other sports have you done so far?
David Malukas: I’ve done cross country, wrestling, American football and jujitsu.

Team Motopark: Apart from sports, do you have other interests?
David Malukas: I’ve also taken piano lessons and I do an advanced placement course in maths. I love maths.

Team Motopark: Wow, that’s quite a bit. Isn’t that really time-consuming?
David Malukas: Initially, my dad wanted to keep me busy. I was very shy and I was like a geek. In the beginning, it was stressful. One day, I had to make a decision and I decided on racing.

Team Motopark: Who inspires you?
David Malukas: Michael Schumacher. I like the way he was – very kind, strict in a way. He never got angry.

Team Motopark: What do you think about when you sit in your race car?
David Malukas: I’m thinking about the next move, about decisions I have to make.

Team Motopark: What’s your favourite music?
David Malukas: I like Calvin Harris and dance music in general. But I also like Hans Zimmer.

What’s your backup plan?
David Malukas: I would try to make it in the Indy car series; it seems to be the closest to Formula One.

Team Motopark: How important is the right food?
David Malukas: Food is very important. Protein keeps you more awake. Usually, I don’t eat sweets; just after the race I allow myself some candy.

Team Motopark: What do you really not like to do?
David Malukas: I don’t like tennis, and honestly? I don’t like it when people touch things I own.

Team Motopark: Are you religious?
David Malukas: Yes, I’m Catholic.

Team Motopark: Is there a special ritual before the races?
David Malukas: I have a little charm. It’s been blessed. And before each race I do prayers.