Charles Weerts: Keen to race at Spa

ADAC Formula 4 - Newsletter -

Charles Weerts is the youngest team-member in our Formula 4 squad. The 15 year old Belgian rookie explains in our interview why he is so keen to race at his home circuit in Spa.

Motopark: Hi, Charles would you mind telling us where you’re at home?
Charles: In Belgium, I live with my mother in Aubel, near Spa, and in Hony with my father, near Liege.

What inspires you?
The competitions. I need to be able to improve myself, and also to win.

Do you remember your first time on a race track?
It has been I think more than years ago, in a mini mini kart in Spa. I remember my father was in front of me with a bigger kart and I was stuck behind him. I was thinking like "put the hammer down" - so I was pushing him in the back. Already looking for speed!

Who is your personal hero?
Michael Schumacher – without any doubt. He is the man who won seven times the Formula One championship. And he’s also role model, not only because he was the absolute best on the track, but also because he was the best in the box, working with the engineers on the car and the data - and this under any circumstances.

Can you remember the first race you ever watched on TV?
I don't really remember the first time, because I started to watch Formula One when I was really, really small. But the first race I really remember was in Spa, in 2005, with the famous blue and yellow Renault car, with Nando behind the wheel. There was also Michael Schumacher with the Ferrari! It was really exciting because there were a lot of different leaders during the race. At the end of the race Räikkönen won and MSC finished second, so I was a bit sad. But anyway, Schumacher won the championship!

Do you like other sports?
I like to play tennis in my free time, which means not so often.

What would you do if you found a lottery ticket that ends up winning 10 Million Dollar?
I would invest a part of this money in a safe project and will take care of my family. But obviously I would sponsor my racing career first.

What do you think about when you’re alone in your race car?
I focus on the target and think about how to be faster.

What things do you not really like to do?
I hate to wait for something or not doing anything. It makes me mad.

What’s your favourite song, and why?
I don't have a special favourite song. I listen to different styles, it depends on what I do. For example, I like to listen to electro before driving, because it makes me more "aggressive" on the track. And before I go to bed, I like to listen to some French rap, like "Damso".

If you don’t make it to F1, what is your backup plan?
I would look for WEC or being an official GT3 driver, for a brand.

How important is the right food for a driver?
I think it's crucial. Before, I ate a lot of chocolate in the morning. And then I've been shaken by my coach and since I eat eggs, fruits and some meat in the morning. And since I do it, I feel way less tired during the whole day.

What is your diet like at the moment?
Depends on where I am. On the track, I try to eat as healthy as possible, and when I’m home I like to eat sometimes some chocolate because I really like chocolate.

Are you looking forward to a special race track?
I really want to race in Spa for different reasons. First of all, because Spa is the most beautiful track in the world, according to major of F1 drivers. Second reason is because Spa is the place where I made my karting debut, and it's my home track, so it's a special feeling.

Why did you choose Team Motopark?
We choose Motopark first to take part in the Formula 4 UAE, and we were really happy about the professionalism of the team. Later, we made some tests in Germany, and we are really pleased, so we went for it!