The configuration

Only Top material leads to success

The Equipment - The base of Team Motopark has been chosen with great care. There is a internationally well-known race track, the Motorsport Arena of Oschersleben, right at the doorstep of Team Motopark’s headquarter.

The workshop with it’s 1,200 square metres working space is located right at the circuit’s main gate. It caters for more than 15 race cars and is fully equipped with everything a modern race team needs to maintain, set up and develop their cars.

In house, there is an own damper rig as well as carbon fabrication unit and two driver-in-the-loop Formula One style simulators. Through external partners, the team can use sven post rigs, windtunnels and engine or gearbox dynos at short notice and in great depth.

The car industrie uses Team Motopark as a partner for their own test and development work. In turn, this gives the team access to newest technologies and knowledge as well.

An own in-house construction and fabrication department for both real race cars and modeling uses state-of-the-art computer programs, simulation technologies, proving technologies 3d-printers and similar high-tech equipment.

An own Formula One style simulator, called driver-in-the-loop, supports and backs up the intensive testing sessions which the team carries out all over Europe. Former or even still active race drivers are on hand to teach the young rookies their trades and act as racing drivers instructors.

Once in the paddock, you can’t miss Team Motopark, for it is one of the biggest and most professional looking in it’s neighbourhood. Four team trucks, an own tyre lorry, three service tents and an own hospitality unit make sure both cars and drivers as well as their guests and sponsors get everything they need during a race weekend, including high-performance food for the drivers and fine dining for sponsors, guests and parents.

Both it’s equipment and way of work set Team Motopark apart from all the other outfits in the similar category of racing. A dedicated use of high-tech equipment, efficient management, a high emphasis on soft skills and the human side, and an unprecedented degree of professionalims are matched only by the team’s unstillable hunger for success.